students hands cutting and folding construction paper on arts and crafts table

Reading Websites

Benchmark Universe Reading Textbook
This is the website for Chisholm’s reading textbook.  Students can log in to read and utilize the reading book components.

This website is broken down by grade level K-5 and has games.

PBS Kids
Official Web site for the PBS TV show that is all about reading.  It includes stories, games, and songs in a fun and easy to navigate site.  Explore for music and game related activities featuring Clifford, Arthur and friends, and other story book characters.

IPL for Kids  
This is an AWESOME resource!  You can listen to online stories, find out information about your favorite authors, do research, and so many other things.  Be sure to check out the “Fun Stuff” category.

This site contains hundreds of recommended book reviews in a variety of reading levels and interest areas.

Online Library
This is an online library of children’s books from around the world to foster a love of reading.

Giggle Poetry 
Lots of funny poems, Poetry Theater and more!

Poet Jack Prelutsky
Jack Prelustky has delighted children with his humorous poetry for thirty years and was named the first Children’s Poet in 2006.  His highly interactive Web site will delight all who visit and foster a love of poetry.

Ranger Rick Magazine  
This site is the online version of Ranger Rick magazine and for young students, they have a “Ranger Rick Jr.” tab.

National Geographic Magazine 
Children can enjoy learning about the world of nature in a fun way by interacting with videos, games, and other activities at this site.

Time for Kids Magazine 
This is an online student magazine with current event articles.

Biography Dictionary
The Biographical Dictionary includes more than 27,000 notable men and women who have shaped our world from ancient day to the present day.

OKC Metropolitan Library System 
This is a link to the Metropolitan Library System in the OKC area, but you must have a MLS library card to check out.

Book Adventure
Read a book and take a quiz afterwards.

This website requires a subscription, however, many parts of it are available for free, too.

Pebble GoEmergent readers will enjoy reading about a variety of topics.

Tumble Books
This site has many books that children can read or have read to them.

Clifford’s Letter Match
Phonics presented in a fun game.

Reggie the Rhyming Rhino
Practice rhyming different words in a matching game that reads the words aloud.