Chisholm motto Chisholm Chargers show Chisholm PRIDE by Putting Safety First, Respecting Others, I Own My Own Behavior, Demonstrating Self-Control, and Encouraging Others.

Chisholm Mission:

To impact and empower our community of learners to be responsible, productive citizens.


Chisholm Vision:

All Chisholm students will be proficient learners at grade level or above and will exhibit positive character traits that will enable them to be responsible and productive members of society.

  • Provide differentiated instruction to meet the learning needs for all children.
  • Recognize that children are developmentally different and learn at individual rates of speed.
  • Provide learning opportunities which strengthen and enrich the whole child (i.e. social, eotional, physical, as well as academic.)
  • Create a safe, nurturing environment in which students will be able to experience success.Realize that a child’s success and growth is a team effort involving parents, teachers, and students.


Chisholm Value Statements:

We will:

  • Create opportunities for students to work at concrete, conceptual, and abstract levels of problem-solving.
  • Increase the use of technology as a tool for the student to be able to access information manipulate data, synthesize concepts, communicate with others, collaborate on problem-solving, and creatively express ideas to others.
  • Continue to offer opportunities for students to gain an understanding and appreciation for the Fine Arts.
  • Show student advancements in physical skills, creative thinking, decision-maiking, respect for cultural diversity, and healthy living.