Due to the construction that is currently underway at Chisholm there will be a slightly altered arrival/dismissal procedure, which will be an adjustment for the car riders.  Bus transportation should remain unchanged.  You will see maps of our parking lot below.

Student Drop-off in the Mornings

Parents entering from the west or Bryant side will turn right and drop their student off by one of the numbered signs on the curb next to the building.

Parents entering from the east or Coltrane side will turn left and turn left immediately into the first row of the parking lot.  They can drop their student off in the area between the two cones.  There will be a duty monitor in this area that will assist students through the parking lot in the crosswalk.

All students will either go to their playground or inside area through the cafeteria.

arrival to school map for drivers

Student Pick-up in the Afternoons

During the afternoon or dismissal, the left hand turn will have to merge into the curbside traffic flow by the building.  It would be too difficult and unsafe to load students in the parking lot.

Please be aware that there are fewer parking spots available for parent walk-ups and everyone will need to be patient with this process, which most likely will take longer.

dismissal from school map for drivers