Presidents and the White House  Check out information about the White House and the presidents–many links to other websites on this topic.

Postcards from the USA  This site is to view postcards from America.

White House   This is your chance to visit and learn about the White House without leaving your chair.  Tour the White House and learn about our Presidents through fun and exciting panoramic photographs and other activities.

Liberty Kids  This website is for history buffs and/or students interested in U.S. history and government.

Fifty States  Go to this site for the 50 states, capitals, and facts for each.

National Map  This site is for students to access an atlas.

History  This site will engage students who want to learn about Colonial Williamsburg.

Ben’s Guide  Learn about our government with this kid-friendly website.

Electing a President  Learn all about how we elect our presidents.

Google Maps  Travel the world through the satellite view in Google Maps.  You can even see your house and tour the inside of the White House.