Book Fair: A Scholastic Book Sale is held twice a year (determined by the Media Specialist) and is open to the entire student body and families. Proceeds go back to the media center to purchase additional resources. The chairperson works closely with the Media Specialist to coordinate events. Chair recruits volunteers to work during the numerous shifts throughout the Book Fair. The Media Specialist provides the sign-up forms. Chair is expected to make reminder calls/emails to parent volunteers.


Box Tops and Campbell Labels for Education: The Box Top and Campbell Labels for Education chairs coordinate the collection and redemption of product Box Tops and Campbell Labels. The chairs handle the publicity of the programs at Information Day and throughout the school year. These jobs can primarily be done from home.


Chat ‘n Chew: A grade level book club that meets 4-5 times per year during lunch to discuss assigned books. Chat ‘n Chew is offered to grades 2-5. Chairperson organizes students into discussion groups, schedules the dates for the book club and chooses the books. They will need to send reminders a week before the scheduled book club meeting. Books from last year’s list are available, but the chair may make changes. Parent volunteers read the assigned books and facilitate each discussion with provided questions. The chair will create discussion questions and hand out to the leaders.


Class Liaison: To be the voice and vote for their child’s class at the monthly PTO meeting.  The Liaison or Alternate Liaison will be responsible for attending the monthly PTO meeting and then passing along the information to the teachers and parents in their child’s class.  This is as simple as sending out an email each month to the parents in your child’s class.  The Secretary will provide a draft of the minutes after each meeting.  The liaison will forward and add any additional information they feel is important.  The liaison will also pass along parent questions or concerns back to the Executive Committee.


Homeroom Parent Coordinator/Homeroom Parent: The coordinator secures homeroom parents for each classroom. Each class needs one or two parents to work with teachers and students throughout the year for parties and other activities. The coordinator compiles class sign-up sheets and a master list of homeroom parents, leads the homeroom parent meeting at the beginning of the year and decides on the specific grade level activities.


A.R.T.: This is a parent-led program which brings art to Kindergarten through 2nd grade classrooms. Presentations are given monthly by parents, using prepared notebooks with chosen artists. The chair’s work is concentrated in the time prior to and during the first two months of school. She/he coordinates grade level dates with teachers and works an Information Day booth recruiting volunteer parents. After the start of school, the chair coordinates the schedules, provides permission slips for student participation to teachers, stocks supplies and will send out emails of dates to classroom volunteers and presenters.


Media Pal Coordinator/Volunteers: The coordinator is in charge of coordinating media center volunteers to work 1.5-hour shifts. There are four volunteer time periods each day for a total of 20 volunteer time slots per week. The coordinator recruits parent volunteers on Information Day.


Office Pals: Office pals are volunteers who assist in the teacher work room filling orders. Activities include using the die cut machine, collating papers or whatever projects have been left on the teacher work shelf. Work can be taken home to complete. Teachers have specific instructions along with the deadline for completion. The chairperson coordinates a sign-up sheet on Information Day and recruits and trains volunteers for the job. The chair is responsible for running the weekly Risograph and all copying. The chair works a minimum of three hours per week.


Popcorn: This committee provides free popcorn to every student one Friday a month. It also provides popcorn and cotton candy for Family Fun Night and snow cones for the Walk-a-Thon. The chair needs to be available on Information Day to recruit volunteers and to promote the committee. The chair orders supplies and makes a volunteer schedule for the year. Parent volunteers can work one or more days throughout the year. On popcorn day, volunteers pop, bag and deliver popcorn to the classrooms.


Restaurant Night: Restaurant nights are opportunities for Chisholm families to get together at designated restaurants where Chisholm receives a percentage of the total sales. The chairperson contacts the restaurants and schedules dates in spring of the prior school year. The chair must contact the managers of restaurants two weeks prior to the “Restaurant Night” and obtain necessary flyers or logos. Each “Restaurant Night” is promoted in the Thursday folders, and the chair is responsible for copying and collating flyers for each classroom.


School Directory: A directory of students’ contact information is made available for sale with information provided by EPS and Information Day documents. The chair will format the directory, sell advertising, coordinate printing and distribute the directory to the students.


School Supplies: This is a program provided by the PTO. Families may purchase packaged school supplies needed for the next school year. The chairperson works with the teachers in the spring and finalizes their supply request for their students for the upcoming school year. The chairperson sends out order forms to all students in the spring and orders supplies. Volunteers are needed to distribute the packaged supplies on Information Day.


Charger-Palooza: This is a family event for Chisholm. The chair of this committee is responsible for all aspects of the event including: setting the date with the school, decorations, food donations, door prizes, band/entertainment, volunteers and publicity. Ideally, the chair will recruit volunteers to assist with each area.


Swine Week: Swine Week is a Memorial High School event that promotes philanthropy among the students. Elementary and Middle schools which feed into Memorial also contribute by raising money for Swine Week. Chisholm’s past events have included bake sales, lollipop pulls, the sale of Chargie-grams (for Valentine Day), OU/OSU coin-donation contest, and the sale of pom-pom pigs.


Teacher Appreciation: A chairperson and a committee are needed to work throughout the year to express appreciation for the families of Chisholm. These opportunities include the start of school, holidays and Teacher Appreciation Week in the spring.


Turkey Bingo: Turkey Bingo is a fun bingo night in November. It is traditionally held just before Thanksgiving and several turkeys are included in the prizes. The chair coordinates food, prizes, the game, publicity, ticket sales and volunteers. Work usually begins in August with procurement of prizes. The evening of Turkey Bingo is 5-6 hours including set-up, event and tear down.


Welcoming Committee: The Welcoming Committee is responsible for the following: New Student Luncheons (three during the school year), Kindergarten Breakfast (once a year), and Pre-Kindergarten Breakfast (first day of school). This committee will also be asked to help WELCOME parents at events held at the school throughout the year. We want parents and visitors to feel welcome at Chisholm.


Yearbook: A Chisholm Yearbook is made available for purchase throughout the year. The chair contacts with a chosen publishing company (currently Jostens), coordinates submitted photos and coordinates distribution of completed yearbooks.