PTO executive board

Presidents: Erin Cornell and Juliann Taylor

The PTO president(s) is a member of the PTO executive board and is the liaison between the PTO and the school administration.  The President’s duties include: working with school administration in the spring to set all dates for the PTO events for the upcoming school year (including PTO executive board and general meetings), overseeing all PTO committees, writing information for the school newsletter, working with the administration to see where PTO funds will best help the school and students, attending monthly district Parent Advisory Committee meetings, coordinating, setting the agendas, as well as, facilitating all executive board and general PTO meetings, coordinating all aspects of Information Day before school (providing enrollment forms to the school secretary in the spring, preparing committee notebooks in the summer, working with the custodial staff for set-up, facilitating meetings with the committee chairpersons before Information Day and securing volunteers for the actual day), attending/speaking at Back-to-School night, and attending all PTO events.

PTO presidents


Vice Presidents: Rachel DeMann and Emma Krueger

The Vice President(s) is responsible for planning the Teacher/Staff luncheon on Information Day.  Throughout the year, the Vice President(s) is responsible for keeping the marquee up to date weekly. The Vice(s) attend all executive board and PTO meetings. During the late spring, the Vice(s) begins to plan for term as President, which includes determining theme, meeting with the principal to determine next year’s calendar, filling all vacancies in PTO committee chairs for the following year, and ensuring school supplies and school clothing are underway, and lastly, presiding over the May PTO meeting and attending the May PAC meeting.



Secretary:  Crislyn Ward

The Secretary is responsible for taking minutes at PTO meetings as well as the executive board meetings. The secretary sends the minutes to the executive board for review prior to making final copies. The secretary provides copies of the prior month’s minutes for approval to PTO meetings. Time commitment involves attending all executive board and PTO meetings throughout the year (2-3 hours per month and 1-2 hours of work per month outside the meetings).



Treasurers:  Kristy Awtry and Megan Yager

Both positions work together to manage the PTO finances

  • Keep a record of the funds of the organization
  • Prepare a budget for the officers to review
  • Make deposits
  • Disburse funds in accordance to the approved budget or as authorized by the PTO
  • Arrange with committee chairs to resolve any “non-sufficient funds” checks
  • Provide change and cash box for a variety of events (committee chairs arrange at least two people to count cash, fill out deposit slip, and deliver to one of the treasurers)
  • Information Day Excel Spreadsheet to allocate funds received for various categories (i.e. ART program, Homeroom Fund, School Directory, etc.)
  • Prepare monthly bank reconciliation
  • Attend executive board meetings once a month
  • Prepare monthly financial report to present at the PTO meetings
  • Prepare Sanctioning report for Edmond School District
  • Provide tax information to CPA