Recess period is an important part of the day for elementary-aged children.  This activity helps to foster learning and healthy growth and development.  Students receive 25 minutes of recess each day.  Depending on the weather, it is held on Chisholm’s playground which was furnished by the PTO or in classrooms when it is not permissible to play outside.


Chisholm teachers monitor the children the entire recess.  They are equipped with walkie-talkies and are able to maintain constant contact with the office staff.  Chisholm’s playground is completely fenced for the safety of the students.  Only visitors who have checked in through the front office and have an approved visitor sticker will be granted admission onto the playground during student recesses.  For the safety of your child, please do not encourage your child to come to you in the parking lot during the assigned recess time.


Chisholm Lunch and Recess Schedule



first graders on playgroundfirst grader on playground first graders on playground