PreKindergarten (PreK):
  • Snacks allowed each day
  • Show and Tell
  • Nap time to rest brains and bodies
  • Two field trips
  • Hibernation Celebration
  • Gingerbread Houses
  • 100th Day Celebration
  • Dr. Seuss Week
First Grade:
  • Daily homework and reading requirements
  • Plenty of volunteer opportunities for parents
  • First year for a grade level music program
  • Make zoo t-shirts for the spring field trip to the OKC Zoo
  • Thanksgiving feast
Second Grade:
  • Field trip to the Pumpkin Patch in October
  • Music program
Third Grade:
  • Eat “farmers’ breakfast” and watch Charlotte’s Web
  • Re-enact the Oklahoma Land Run (huge, all day event)
  • Mini Society creations and marketplace in the spring
Fourth Grade:
  • Utilize agendas to organize homework assignments
  • Columbus Day boat races
  • Pumpkin Day celebration
  • T-shirt signing on the last day of school
Fifth Grade:
  • Volunteer opportunities for the fifth grade students (Safety Patrol, etc.)
  • Living History Museum
  • Graduation festivities